Wanting a Smart Device


Installing smart home automation can be highly advantageous for both new and older homes. It offers benefits such as energy efficiency, remote control, and enhanced security.
Home automation represents the next phase of technology integration into our daily lives. Although some products are marketed as 'plug and play,' many require professional installation to ensure proper configuration and functionality.
For top-notch smart home hub installation services or professional installation of your smart home devices, contact Digital Glitch IT Solutions!


Supported Brands


Smart Thermostat

Smart Locks

Smart Lights/Lighting

Smart Security/Cameras

Smart TV& Mounting

Smart Plus/Outlets

Smart Hubs/Voice Assistant

Other New Smart Devices

Smart Senior Devices

We offer Smart Device Installations and Services to our Residential Clients. We also have a Licensed Commercial and Residential Electrician in our North Carolina location, if needed.

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